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SiteApex 9.2 Banner Ad Rotator Update to comply with WCAG accessibility standards. Calendar Update to "spots remaining" calculation when using multi-step payment gateways on registration events. Restored support for displaying events from multiple calendars in the mini-calendar plugin. Directory Update to resolve category menu display. New: Added the ability for the administrator to enable or disable mouse-wheel zoom on maps. This is useful when large map spans the browser window and a user wants to scroll the page instead of zoom in on the map. Added optional zoom limits to improve usability when the map only shows single points of interest. These limits affect the automatic pan and zoom, and do not limit site visitors from zooming in further. New:
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SiteApex 9.1 Blog Update to apply new "Posted Date" scheduling feature to the mini blog. Update to restore "Show owner's user name" setting on main blog display. Calendar New Feature: ability to accept public event submissions directly into calendar with approval. New feature to display event end time in calendar displays. New event fields for Location, Admission Fee, Banner Photo and Website. Update to improve WCAG Accessibility. Update to resolve incorrect day names on yearly list view. Update to use event name as a secondary ordering on calendar event list displays. Update to handle unreadable character issue when changing months in the mini calendar plugin. Update to resolve navigation button display issue on the mini calendar plugin. Updated mini calendar
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