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News Manager Module

The news manager organizes articles into feeds. Your site can have unlimited feeds and each feed can have unlimited articles.

News Feeds can be added to pages of your website and will display an archive of all active articles within that particular feed.

1. Modules are managed though the Modules menu. Click on Modules in the top left menu. Select "News Manager” from the menu on the left This will load any current news feeds and the News Manger Menu in the top right corner.

News Manager Options

List News Feeds: Displays all current news feeds

Add News Feeds: Allows you to add a new news feed

List Articles: Displays all current articles from all news feeds

Add Article: Allows you to add a new article to a news feed

2. Creating and Editing a News Feed

  1. Click on Add News Feed in the top right menu
  2. You will be given a blank form page to enter information about your news feed
  3. When you are finished entering information, press [submit] at the bottom to create the news feed
  4. This news feed will now appear when you "List News Feeds” and will also appear in the dropdown when adding an article.
Note: Creating a news feed does not make the news live on your website. You will have to create a News Page to display the news feed on (see Setting up a News Page).

Name: This is the name of the news feed. You can have multiple news feeds to keep news articles organized for different topics or issues.

List Title: This will be the title of your news list. It will show above the articles listed on your news page. By default the title is "Other News", filling in your own title will overwrite this.

RSS Options: News Feeds can also be RSS feeds. For more information on how to use this feature, please see our online support area at

Mini Feed Title: Some sites have a Mini News feed built into the template. This allows you to give it a title which will appear above the articles.

Number of Articles: This sets the number of articles to display in the Mini News.

Editing a News Feed
  1. Click on List News Feeds in the top right menu
  2. Click [edit] beside the news feed you want to edit
  3. Update the information boxes as required
  4. Press [submit] to save your changes
Now that you have created a news feed you can continue with adding article. Please see our tutorial on Adding an Article.