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Internet Explorer 9 fix launched!

Internet Explorer© 9 editor window fix and launched!

Many of our customers have noted that in Internet Explorer© version 9 the editor window has been downsized and hardly usable. We are here to announce that a fix has been rolled out to all sites and should be seen immediately. Our programmers worked diligently to discover what was causing this and have come up with a solution. We aim to support the latest version of all major browsers (Internet Explorer©, Mozilla Firefox©, Google Chrome© and Apple's Safari© browser) so please make sure your computers are up to date with your preferred browser. Please let us know of any bugs or issues you discover we want to ensure our customers have the best experience on whatever browser you choose to use.
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Free Server Upgrade

We're Upgrading Our Servers!

We're currently in the process of upgrading everyone to new servers. Some of our older servers are getting, well... older, and it's time for them to retire soon.

Many of you will already be on our new servers, so you're already benefiting from the additional hosting space and newer server technology.

Upgrades Are Complimentary

You can check if you're running on our newer servers by going to the following url: (replace with your actual domain name)

If that brings up a login screen for you, you're already running on our newest technology. No need to do anything else!

If you don't see a login screen, there's a good chance you could benefit from a free upgrade to a new server. Please  put a support ticket in to arrange a time to migrate your account. We'd love to hear from you!
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New Support Website!

As part of the new SiteApex 5 launch we are excited to introduce to you our new SiteApex Support website!

The new support site is located at: and can be easily found under the Help area in your SiteApex Admin. This is where we will be adding new support content to help in your everyday needs of editing and managing your website. We will continue to update this new site as SiteApex grows and as new features are added.
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