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Calendar View Events Template Override

We are working to make this function available to our partners to do themselves but at this point OSM still needs to help to make it live but a large portion you can do yourself and we wanted everyone to know this cool option is available. The event display currently requires setting a config with a path to the override html file (which requires SSH access to compile).

- Create a html template file and upload it to a directory of your choosing
- Edit the configs for the site and find CalendarEventViewTemplateOverrideFile and enter the FULL PATH to the template file you want to use
ex. /home/dev2osm/www/Calendar/custom_template.html
- Save the configs and compile the configs for that site.

{{BACK_LINK}} - This is the Back link
{{EVENT_NAME}} - Name of the event
{{EVENT_TIME}} - Time of the event
{{EVENT_DESCRIPTION}} - event description
{{SPOTS_LEFT}} - The number of spots left for registration events
{{SPOTS_LEFT_BLOCK}} {{SPOTS_LEFT}} {{/SPOTS_LEFT_BLOCK}} - this is incase you want to have the spots left label hide when not applicable
{{EVENT_FULL}} - The message that will display when a registration event is full
{{SIGNUP_FORM}} - This is for the entire form builder output
{{EVENT_ID}} - The event's ID number
{{CALENDAR_ID}} - The calendar's ID number

Documentation for Calendar View Events Template Override
The news pops requires unlinking the /www/News/templates/viewMiniArticleTemplate.html file for customization.