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Creating SiteApex Templates

Templates are HTML pages that have special code added for use in the system.

There can be any number of templates for each site, but we strive to reuse them as much as possible. When creating or editing a SiteApex page, you have the option to choose an available template.

SiteApex Tags for Templates
These tags can be placed within your HTML page to load dynamic content from the SiteApexsystem.

{{Security}} - placed at the top of the template, above the <html> tag. Allows SiteApex to make pages secure.

{{EDITOR_WIDTH}}#{{/EDITOR_WIDTH}} - placed anywhere below the {{Security}} tag. Replace # with the width in pixels.
This will override the width of the editor display in the admin to suit the size of your contents area per page template!

{{MetaKeywords}} - placed inside<header> </header>. Allows the client to update Meta information.

{{Title}} - placed inside <title></title>. Allows client to update MetaTitle for each page.

{{SectionMenu}} - placed inside <body></body>. Calls in the top level of menu.

{{CategoryMenu}} - placed inside <body></body>. Calls in the second level of menu.

{{Content}} - placed inside <body></body>. Pulls in page content from the SiteApex editor.

Once your template is ready, you will need to log in to the server via FTP and upload your template to the admin/templates folder.

  • Site needs to be published in Site Apex in order for template updates to show on the site.
  • All new templates use the XCSS menu type to display menus unless set differently in the database. For more information on styling your menu see Editing Menu Styles.