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CSS for Templates
Every SiteApexsite is designed using CSS. This allows us to make changes to a master style sheet and have those changes appear universally throughout the site.

Most sites have 3 main style sheets:
  1. Template Layout Styles
  2. Editor Styles
  3. Menu Styles
CSS files are always uploaded to www > CSS.

Template Layout Styles
These are styles that control the overall look of the site. They generally affect items in the design template, such as placement, sizing, padding, positioning. There are also often styles for link colours and bullet styles in this file.

The name of this file will vary by site. Refer to the template to see which files are being called by the template.

Editor Styles
These styles control the look of text and image content on the site and are displayed in the Site Apexsystem to allow clients to add headings and borders to their content (using the "AA” button).

This file only displays classes (not id's) and is always named "editor.css".

Download a sample editor.css

Menu Styles
These styles control the look and functionality of the dynamic menus Site Apex creates. See Menu section for more info.

Editing CSS Files
You will need to log in to the server via FTP.

  1. Go to the CSS folder
  2. You will see a list of all current css files being used on the site
  3. Download the css file to be updated (save a backup if you are new to this process)
  4. Make your changes using an HTML editor
  5. Save your changes
  6. Upload the css file and overwrite the existing file of the same name
  7. Changes will be immediate on the site. Refresh your browser to see them