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Updating Menu Styles

New SiteApex sites generally use the new XCSS menu type by default. This menu type builds your menu using unordered lists (ul li). This allows maximum flexibility for styling.

There are three basic classes applied to the menus:
  1. hnav (horizontal nav)
  2. vnav (vertical nav)
  3. bnav (footer nav)
A site may use one or more of these classes. The xcss_menu.cssfile will have an area for each class of menu as well as an area at the bottom for styles that are common to all classes.

In general, it is best to only make minor changes to this file to affect things like text colour. More major changes should be made only if you are an advanced user.

Editing Menu Styles
You will need to log in to the server via FTP.

  1. Go to the CSS folder
  2. You will see a list of all current css files being used on the site
  3. Download the xcss_menu.css file (save a backup)
  4. Make your changes using an HTML editor
  5. Save your changes
  6. Upload the css file and overwrite the existing file of the same name
  7. Changes will be immediate on the site. Refresh your browser to see them.