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What is SiteApex?

is a powerful Content Management System that allows end users to update and build onto their website. Users can log into the system from anywhere using a web browser.

There are several pieces necessary to every Site Apex website:

The Templates
SiteApex allows users to add content to pages, however, these pages need to have a design or "wrapper”. This is accomplished using SiteApex templates.

Templates are HTML pages that have special code added for use in the system.

There can be any number of templates for each site, but we strive to reuse them as much as possible. When creating or editing a SiteApex page, you have the option to choose an available template.

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The Menu
SiteApex allows users to build their own menus by adding, deleting, and re-ordering pages in the admin system.

The menus look like part of the template, but are actually re-written by Site Apex each time the site is published.

There are three levels of menu available.

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The Content
The content of a web page is added through the Site Apex admin system and it placed within a template.

As of right now, there is only one editable region of content per Site Apex page. Any other features will either need to be updated in the template themselves or by using a module plugin.

The Modules
A module is a pre-programmed package of software code that can be inserted into a webpage using our SiteApex Administration Tool. Modules are composed of templates and/or functions for you to use when building your website. Some modules like the Shopping Cart are priced separately.

Select modules, like the News Module, have a template plugin available. The "Mini News” plugin creates a mini news feed with articles from the News Module.

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Publishing your site in SiteApexcombines the templates with the content and modules of Site Apex to create a series of .php pages that become your website.

Changes made to templates or to content in Site Apex will not be "live” on the website unless you publish the site. The only exception is the modules – their content goes live instantly when you submit your changes.