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SiteApex Listing Module

This is a new, highly custom module that can be used to display everything from Real Estate Listings, to Car Dealership Listing to Museum Archives to ATV or trailer sales!

Provides vast solutions for various needs so setup is more advanced. This technical documentation is intended for our partners that wish to customize the inner working of how this module outputs it's data.

Effective Sept 2011, this module is now template based which means that our programmers have removed all styles, placement, values, formatting and structure from the core code and now rely on this template to determine all output displays. For this reason, the template options are highly flexible and complex. If the default setup of your listing module needs structural/field changes, it is recommended that you have an OSM programmer, perform the setup of this module based on a drawing mockup or written requirement. This document is intended for our technical partners only.

Download documentation.