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The look of the Media & Resource Library is comprised of two parts:
  • the layout, which determines where and how elements are displayed
  • the theme, which sets colours and graphics

Our themes will work with any of the layout files and were designed to allow an easy way for our partner designers to customize the look of the Media Manager.

It is important that each theme works with all available layouts.

Naming Conventions
Themes are named with a colour and a style, for example:


This name is used for the .css file and also for the images folder.

black_striped (images folder)

Our themes contain the following images:

(Your themes may contain additional images, but you should ensure that you have images to replace all of the icons currently being used. A PSD has been provided with the developer package for your convenience.)

Media Player Background: mp_playerbg.png
Media Player Large Folder: mp_folder_lg.png
Media Player Medium Folder: mp_folder_med.png
Media Player Undock: mp_undock.png
Media Player Sort Down: mp_sort_down.png
Media Player Sort Up: mp_sort_up.png
Media Player Large Download Button: mp_download_lg.png
Media Player Audio File Type: mp_type_audio.png
Media Player Video File Type: mp_type_video.png
Media Player Image File Type: mp_type_image.png
Media Player Document File Type: mp_type_document.png
Media Player Unknown File Type: mp_type_unknown.png
Media Player Scroll Bar: vscroller.png

Classic File Folder: folder_med.png

Even Row: row_even.png
Odd Row: row_odd.png
Additional File Download: addfile_download.png
Search Files Go Button: searchfile_go.png

Audio File Type: type_audio.png
Excel File Type: type_xls.png
Image File Type: type_image.png
PDF File Type: type_pdf.png
Power Point File Type: type_ppt.png
Document File Type: type_text.png
Unknown File Type: type_unknown.png
Video File Type: type_video.png
Word File Type: type_word.png
ZIP File Type: type_zip.png

Edit Folder: folder_edit.png
Delete Folder: folder_delete.png
Add Folder: folder_add.png
Add File: file_add.png
RSS/Podcast: podcast.png
Login: login.png
Logout: logout.png
Download File: file_download.png
Edit File: file_edit.png
Lock File: file_lock.png
Unlock File: file_unlock.png
Delete File: file_delete.png

A sample theme CSS file has been included with your package. You will need to update 2 things:

1. Update image paths with your new image folder name.
/library/Themes/black_standard/file_download.png would become /library/Themes/black_striped/file_download.png

2. Update the background and foreground colours to match your theme.

CSS files and image folders can be uploaded, through FTP, to www > library > Themes. This will make the theme available in the Media & Resource Library Theme dropdown on this site only.