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The SiteApex menu system allows users to add, edit, delete and reorder pages, and then rewrites the menu to match when the site is published. The SiteApex site map allows for three levels of pages (Sections, Categories, Pages). Your menu CSS should take these levels into account. ( More about the SiteApex site map.)

Menu styles are called into the template by one of the following tags:


These tags should also be wrapped in a class that will control the look and the functionality of the menu.
(example: <div class="hnav">{{SectionMenu}}</div>)

The menu code is always written the same way, using an unordered list (ul li) with the same ids and classes, regardless of whether a {{SectionMenu}} or {{CategoryMenu}} tag are used. This makes the menu CSS interchangeable with either tag.

>> Editing Menu Styles

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