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SiteApex 9.9 Blog Update to default new blog posts to the current date for Posting Date when none is selected. Calendar New enhancement: New updated design for the Mini Calendar plugin. Directory Improved coordinate generation for incomplete addresses in the business directory. Form Builder Upgrade to handle file attachment downloading on new iOS devices. Update to restore Next/Previous buttons when page breaks are in use with tabs turned off. Listings Update to new listing creation to ensure agent to listing association is working in all conditions. MediTrac Update to
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SiteApex 9.8 Banner Ads New Cropping feature when adding/updating ad images to assist with creating the perfect Ad size for the campaign. Update to resolve issues with Ad ordering getting reset after editing Ad Campaigns. Implemented new css classes to give more flexible styling options for the text descriptions displayed with ads. Calendar Update to more accurately enforce front end admin secure group selections for fine tuning security group access. Form Builder ***New Feature*** - we have eliminated the redirecting and ‘pop-up’ blocking for our default PayPal gateway. The form submission is now a
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SiteApex 9.7 Directory Improved accessibility and security on pages using map displays. Update to restore "update my listing" functionality when certain module configurations were in effect. Update to restore alpha filtering on directory search results. Form Builder Update to resolve display issues upon returning from successful PayPal hosted payment in certain conditions. Job Posting Update to enable the use of cover letters for job applicants. Listings Upgrades to prevent spam abuse of Contact Owner and Email Friend forms. MediTrac Added optional status automation when
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