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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Adding a Form to a Page

Once you have created a form your next step is to place it on a page on your website. As with any other module you can place this on any Section, Category or Page on your SiteMap as long as there isn't another module on the page. Here is how:
  1. Go to your SiteMap and edit the Section, Category or Page you want to add the form to.
  2. Choose the Module tab and click on the Module drop down list.Page Edit Add Form
  3. You then will want to select the "Form Builder" option. Note this will only display once you have created your first form in the Form Builder module. Click here for help on creating a Form.
  4. Once you are done editing the page, click Submit at the bottom of the edit screen.
  5. You will then be presented with a drop down list of all your forms. Select the form you would like to display on this particular web page and hit Submit again.
  6. Publish your site to have the form display live on your website!