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How To Edit Page Content

Quick Steps to Editing Your Site

  1. Login
  2. Choose the page from the left hand menu
  3. Edit page should display automatically if not click EDIT at the top.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Save your changes by pressing Submit at the bottom.
  6. When editing is completed, PUBLISH the site to make your changes live on the website.

Editing Text

The editing screen looks much like a wordprocessor, with features for formatting text ie. bold, italics, alignment.

When you roll your cursor over an icon, a text label displays its function. Take a minute to explore the features.

Tip: Visit our Getting Started Video Tutorials for indepth training on a number of these icons.


Text formatting styles can be preset by your designer, to match your website design and to provide consistency.

To use a style (ie. when formatting a title), choose the words to be formatted, then pick the style from the Styles menu.

Click the "AA” button to open the styles menu.

Copying/Pasting from MS Word?

Word adds hidden font and formatting tags in the code of the page content. These hidden code tags that Word creates are not compatible with website coding and can cause you to not be able to format your content correctly. 
When you paste into the editor this code is removed automatically.

Tip: Use the "REMOVE FORMATTING” feature to remove extra codes that are hidden in your text. Click on the text then the eraser icon.

Saving Your Changes

When you are done editing, press the submit button at the bottom.

You will need to Publish the site for these changes to go "live”.

Tip: After publishing, if you cannot see the changes on your website, check out this article - Can't See Changes to Pages After Editing Them?