Email Support

Please note that we do not support third party email software such as mobile phones, tablets, or Microsoft Outlook. Any information regarding third party email software is provided for information purposes only. If you are having any problems with the software, please contact the provider of your software.
If you are having any problems with your webmail or with managing your email accounts in your cpanel, please contact us directly.

Problems Sending & Receiving Email Using Outlook or other Email Clients

If your Outlook or other email software is having trouble sending and receiving email, the problem could have several causes.

1. Your internet service is down.

Check to make sure your internet is working first. Try visiting a few of your favorite websites.

2. The settings to connect to your email account are incorrect.

Go here to see the settings needed to connect your software to your email account.

3. The firewall on the server that hosts your website/email has blocked your ip address. 

Try visiting your website. If it loads ok, this is not the issue. However, if you can't access your website either, then your IP address may be blocked. Visit to find out what your ip address is, then contact your support team with this information.

4. There may be a corrupt email sitting in your account on the server.

These corrupt emails can cause connection and email download issues. Log into your webmail and clean up your inbox. Usually the corrupt email will be one that has an attachment.

5. Your psd file has become corrupt in Outlook

We suggest contacting a Microsoft support professional for help with this issue. However, if you're comfortable doing it, you could try deleting the email account from Outlook, then recreating it. This should give you a fresh start with a new psd file.

If you are having trouble sending email only, try changing your outgoing email port or enabling smtp authentication.

Many Internet Service Providers block the outgoing email port 25. If you are using this port in your setting, try changing it to port 587. Our servers also allow outgoing email to go through this port. We suggest following the steps in this article to open your account settings. The outgoing email port is specifically found in step 8.

Typically SMTP Authentication is found in the SMTP settings area or 'Outgoing Server' settings in Outlooks 'More Settings' area. Set this to the same as your incoming username and password.