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SiteApex 10.1 Banner Ad Rotator Update to fill in Crop Image title. New Cropper utility to better suit the demands of SA10. Campaign selection now carries through after editing an Ad and changing the image. cPanel Integration Update to resolve issue within the cPanel Add Email Account password strength meter. Form Builder New payment gateway for PayPal Advanced payments using their REST API platform. Fix Build HTML Content popup to load correctly. Update to restore a few email subject fields. Indexed Articles Various visual improvements Job Postings Various visual improvements Lead Capture
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SiteApex 10.0 Admin Login All new redesigned login screen. Interface built using new templated architecture which greatly improves upgradeability and maintainability. Sliding field labels and clean styling provides a fresh modern user experience. Admin Architecture New engine for building the core admin interface. Core interface now uses a templated display which greatly improves upgradeability and maintainability. Accessing core UI design of SiteApex is now very accessible for our designers to work with directly. Transition from frameset - SiteApex 9 and previous was built using an older HTML3 frameset architecture which severely
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SiteApex 9.24 Form Builder New payment gateway support for Square. New ability to print selected form responses. Minor update to provide additional error checking for currency formatting. Update to improve numerical calculation error checking in specific circumstances. Update to improve error checking when using multi choice additional fields. Minor date calculation update for "Add x Year" expiry options. Added custom support for attaching previously uploaded files to responses. Update to reinstate support for the Form Builder Thank You Page Redirect feature. Media & Resource Library Added error checking to ensure output
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