"I Can't Access My Website Or Email"

If you can't access your website or email, please check these three things before contacting your support team.
The three most common reasons are:

1. There is a problem with your internet connection

  • Try visiting 2 or 3 of your favorite websites. If other websites and this website are all loading ok, then your internet connection is working, please proceed to step 2.
    A few links you can click to see if your internet is working (links will open in a new tab):

  • If no websites are loading, we recommend contacting your internet service provider

2. Your IP address has been blocked by the server firewall

This may have happened for a number of reasons, but it's usually caused by a series of failed login attempts to an email account or your cpanel.
  • To check if this is the case, log into your customer account at Once you log in, the online portal will automatically check the server to see if your IP address is blocked. If it is, it will tell you why your IP was blocked and also remove the block. You should be able to access your website and email again after this. (If there is another IP address you wish to check, follow these steps.)
  • If does not indicate that your IP address is blocked, then please proceed to step 3.

3. There may be an issue with your hosting account or the server.

  • In, you can check to see if there is an issue that we're already aware of. Click Support > Network Status.
  • If there are no open issues listed under the network issues, please let your support team know that you cannot access your website by opening a support ticket.