How To Unblock An IP Address

This article outlines what to do if you can't access your website or email.

If you think another IP address might be blocked, you can also check and unblock it from our client portal. A situation like this might occur if someone else you know can't access your website, but you can.

1 - Find the IP Address

Have someone at the location your believe to be blocked go to or just do a Google Search for "What is my ip address"

2 - Log Into Our Client Portal

Go to and log in. (If your current ip address is blocked, the system will automatically unblock it when you log into the customer portal.)

3 - Navigate to the Service That is Inaccessible

Once logged into the client portal, click on 'services' -> 'my services', then click the service that is currently inaccessible.

services myservices client portal

4 Go To the IP Unban Center

Click on the unban ip center link in the left menu

customer portal ip unban menu link

5 Click the Unban Link

Click the unban link on the right of the product that is inaccessible. A box will pop up with your current IP address. Type in the IP address you wish to check/unblock and click 'Check'. The system will check if the IP address is blocked. If it is, it will tell you why and offer you the opportunity to unblock it.

customer portal unban ip address