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SiteApex 8

 SiteApex Version 8

Introducing SiteApex

SiteApex Editor

An all new editor with tons of features!

  • Find and Replace in HTML Source code.
  • New and improved Styles drop down
  • All new Asset Manager with photo cropping and resizing!
  • Thumbnail and list views
  • Sort by name, date and file size


SiteApex Site Map Landing Page

Revamped functionality with new website traffic results integration and a brand new feedback voting system.

New Website Search Engine Marketing Features

Want more from your website? We now have built-in traffic reporting with various Marketing upgrade options if growing website traffic and converting traffic into customers is your goal. Advanced services include:

  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Website Leads
  • Target Keywords
  • SEO Work Performed



New frontend event management! Add events right from your calendar page!

Form Builder

  • Major upgrade with form options organized tabs and new ability insert a new field at any spot!
  • New ‘Organize’ feature on List Forms to re-organize additional fields by drag and drop

Photo Album

  • Solved SSL issue in the admin
  • New responsive thumbnail list!
  • All new mobile friendly, responsive photo viewer!

Media and Resource Library

  • Now provides mobile support

SiteApex Design refresh!

We've gone through and updated the look and feel of the SiteApex interface. You still receive all of your regular capabilities, along with a variety of new features which are sure to excite!

SiteApex Interface