Form Builder SiteApex update announcement SiteApex 9.2 Product Announcement! We are excited about major enhancements to one of our most popular modules: Form Builder!   Form Builder is popular because of its ability to turn your website into a marketing tool that gathers information from potential customers. It can even book appointments and collect money from your customers.   You Asked For It And We've Delivered! Check out the amazing enhancements to Form Builder: By default, all Form Builder output is
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SiteApex Version 9 Update December 14, 2016 It's That Time Of Year Again! We've been working hard all year and we are thrilled to announce: SiteApex 9.0. There are too many new features to list here for this major release but we have highlighted just a few. SiteApex 9 Admin Enhancements Integration of cPanel features allowing management of your hosted email accounts and website redirects! New Draft Mode when working on your website pages that won't be published until you want them to! Optimised Publish function that determines the pages you've changed that need to be published! Ability to move a section into a category or
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