Server Upgrade Details

This page details everything you need to know and do regarding having your account upgraded to one of our new servers at our new data center.


Normally all of your email accounts will be copied over to the new server. However, when your account goes live on the new server, you will need to update the username you use to log in to, or access your account. You will know it's time to change your username when you begin to have problems connecting to your email account, or if you see a new webmail login screen.

For a full list of knowledgebase articles related to email on the new server, please see this page. This tells you how to create, set up, access, and use your email accounts.

1. If you use webmail - the url should still work, however, you will see a new login screen. Your password will be the same, but you now must use your full email address as the username. For more information, please see this article - How to Access Your Webmail 

2. If you use email software like Outlook - you will need to open the settings for your email account and change your username to use your full email address. This article explains how.


Nothing should change on your website. However, it does take some time for the change from the old to the new server to happen. This is due to something called DNS propagation time. We recommend avoiding doing any updates to your website until at least 24 hours after the support team has told you the move is completed. If possible, waiting for 48 hours is even better.

The reason for this is that until the DNS changes propagate you will be connecting to your website on the old server. Any updates you make will be made to the website sitting on the old server. Once the website goes live on the new server, you will no longer see those updates you made because they were made to your site that is sitting on the old server.

Accessing Your Control Panel

Your control panel is where you set up and manage your email accounts, email spam controls and many other things related to your hosting account.

On the old server, you used to have to go to

On the new server, you will need to go to:

The username and password should be the same as they were on the old server. If they changed for any reason, the support team here will notify you.

If Your Domain Name is Not Registered With Us

If you have your domain name registered with us, we will take care of the following. However, if your domain name is not registered with us. The support team will tell you when your website/email has been copied over to the new server. They will then ask you to update the nameservers on your domain name to the following:

If you are familiar with domain nameserver settings, you may be able to make this change yourself. Otherwise, please contact the company that you have your domain name registered with and ask them to change the nameservers to the above as soon as possible.

Once the change has been made, please notify our support team.

Without this change, your site will never go live on the new server.

If You Suddenly are unable to access your website or email after the move

The new server is equipped with more sophisticated security systems and firewalls to help prevent your account and email from being hacked or hijacked. Part of this security involves blocking IP addresses if they make multiple failed login attempts to email accounts or control panels.

When your site has just been migrated, this can happen accidentally. The main reason is that if you're using email software like Microsoft Outlook, the email settings mentioned earlier are still configured for connecting to the old server. The username is not correct for the new server.

So when your site goes live on the new server, Outlook will not be able to connect, but will continue to try over and over again until eventually the server thinks that someone is trying to hack into your email account and it blocks your ip address.

When your IP address is blocked, you will not be able to visit your website, or access your email account. When this happens, please do the following:

1. Update the username in your email software to use your full email address. (instructions for outlook here)
2. Visit the website:, or and determine what your IP address is.
3. Submit a support ticket to us at or call us and let us know that you might be blocked and let us know what your IP address is.

If You Do Not Do Email With Us

If your email is currently managed with another provider, this often means that there are custom DNS settings that need to be handled. These will be different for each customer and the support team here will advise you of what changes will be required if any.