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Change Log Version 4.00.00 - 4.05.33

Change Log Version 4.00.00 - 4.05.33


  • Staff List Update
    • Update to resolve a display issue on the front end.

  • Navigation System Upgrade (for Designers)
    • The SiteApex Navigation System will now default to the new XCSS menu type when no database entry exists. Database records for templates are no longer required unless you want to use a menu type other than XCSS.
Jan 16, 2009
  • News Manager Upgrades
    • **New Feature** the SiteApex News Feed now produces an RSS news feed that clients can subscribe to!
    • Upgrade to enable the one article plugin to work together on the same page as the news module and not display the same News Article.
  • Security Interface Upgrade
    • New admin feature on the edit page to allow a link to a sign up page be specified on the secure login prompt. This will be extremely helpful if you have a secure Member’s Area and what to specify from the login prompt how they can signup to get access to that area.
  • Shopping Cart Update
    • Update to resolve a custom tax override display issue on invoices.
  • User Import Upgrade
    • New feature on import you can now specify whether existing users should get updated or not.
  • Update User Profile Module
    • New feature for providing secure users the ability to update their own information via a website page.
    • Site admin has the ability to control which fields are available for users to update on the update profile website page.

  • News Letter Updates
    • Update to resolve a history tracking issue.
    • Upgrade to allow non-alphabetic characters.

  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Security patch when deleting a page with specific security requirements.
  • SiteMap Update
    • New features to control the display of secure pages and/or reference pages.

  • Asset Manager Update
    • Update to resolve a issue with single quotes in file names.
  • Questionnaire Update
    • Update to the Instant Results feature.
  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Update to resolve a issue with the "Secured Via" label.
  • News Plug-in Update
    • New template based feature.
  • XCSS Menu Updates
    • New feature to have images in the menu.
    • Updates to the front end display.

  • Photo Album Update
    • Multiple updates to the front end photo display.
  • User Seniority/Grievance Module
    • New module to manage seniority and grievances among users.

  • Form Builder Updates
    • Update to "View Processed Results" display.
    • Update to "Auto-Process: Yes" form submissions.
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New feature to allow a user to respond only once to a questionnaire.
    • Update to the "Show Instant Results" feature.
  • XCSS Menu Update
    • Update to ensure the menu abides by web standards.
    • New styling property for menu items.
    • New support for uploaded menu images.

  • Coming Events Plugin Update
    • New feature to show all applicable events from all calendars.

  • Form Builder Upgrades
    • New feature to display the form labels above the input field.
    • New feature to use the visitor submitted email address as the notify owner "From Address".
  • Library Module Upgrades
    • Multiple updates to the front end interface look and feel.
    • Update to the front end file edit functionality.
    • Security Upgrade.
  • Photo Album Upgrades
    • New styling and display upgrades to the slide show viewer.
  • Shop Cart Upgrade
    • New feature to apply location based tax rules to products.

  • Mini News Plugin Update
    • Multiple updates to the front end interface look and feel.

  • Library Module Updates
    • Update to security for downloads.
    • New download history tracking.
    • Upgrade to the front end interface look and feel.

  • Calendar Module Upgrades
    • New event search feature.
    • New feature to specify Start and End event times.
    • New optional feature to force events to have a unique date and time on a calendar.
    • New feature to place the events from multiple calendars on a single calendar display.
  • Indexed Articles Update
    • Update to the front end template to make display 100% wide.
  • News Manager Update
    • Update to resolve a news article photo upload issue
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New feature to provide instant results and a correct answer reason after each step.
    • Update to resolve a issue in the View Responses report.
    • New feature to display a question above the answers.

  • Shopping Cart Upgrades
    • Upgrade to view multiple product images and enlarged views.
    • Upgrade to allow for a custom style sheet to be applied to the front end design.

  • Calendar Module Update
    • Update to the event registration display.
  • Directory Module Upgrades (Custom Module, Contact your sales representative for pricing.)
    • Various updates to enhancements to the front end design.
    • New feature to notify a site user of updates made to their Directory Listing.
  • Form Builder Upgrade
    • New multi-lingual support for the front end display.
  • Page Layout Module Upgrades
    • Major upgrade to allow the creation of Layout Categories to organize Layouts.
    • Styling and format update to SiteApex Admin.
  • BBS Module Upgrade
    • Added a new feature "Add Forum” in SiteApex Admin.
  • Photo Album Updates
    • Patch on the front end to display warning when no photo albums are available to be displayed.
    • Patch to the slide show viewer.
  • Site Map Module
    • New module for displaying a styled site map on the front end. Contact your sales representative for pricing.

  • Listings Module
    • New module for listing anything from cars to real estate! Contact your sales representative for pricing.

  • XCSS Menu System
    • New dynamic CSS based menu system.
  • News Module
    • New multi-lingual support for the front end display as well as News plug-ins.
  • Mini News Plugin
    • New feature to override the standard layout with a custom template file.

  • Coming Events Calendar Plugin
    • Update to improve front-end layout.
  • People Directory
    • Update to Edit Profile.
    • Admin Upgrade to improve pagination.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New feature to send a copy of an invoice to a predetermined email address.

  • Photo Album Upgrade
    • New Feature to show photo albums using an alternate view.
  • Version Syncronization Module
    • New custom module for managing page versions. Contact for pricing.

  • BBV2 Update
    • Update to resolve a page level issue.
  • Calendar Upgrades
    • New feature to display links in the same window.
    • New feature to display spots available on registration events.
  • Form Builder Upgrades
    • New feature to handle data place holders in the thank you email to be used by the front end.
    • Update to collect the page name or calendar event name when you submit a form.
    • Update to resolve a response counting issue
    • Update to resolve a issue with the registration event in the same window.
  • Indexed Artile Plugin
    • New plugin to display indexed articles.
  • One Article News Plugin Upgrades
    • New feature to show all featured articles at random.
  • Questionnaire CSV Download Report Update
    • Update to resolve a file inclusion issue.
  • Questionnaire Update
    • Update to resolve spelling issues.
  • Site Search Upgrade
    • New feature to allow search results to appear in the same window or new window.
  • User System Interface Upgrades
    • Upgraded user display.

  • Photo Album Module Updates
    • Update to resolve a issue on adding and editing photos.

  • Shopping Cart Upgrades
    • New product category secure login feature.
    • Update to show a link for user uploaded product extensions on an invoice.
    • New Order search and filtering capabilities.
    • Update to re-order the Payment Gateway selector based on the folder name.
    • Update to resolve a subtotal display issue on the Thank You display.

  • League Module
    • New custom module for managing a sports league. Contact for pricing.

  • BBV2 Upgrade
    • Update to resolve a reply count issue.
  • Directory2 Upgrades
    • Created new fields for a Directory Listing item.
    • New Directory search feature.
  • Job Posting Upgrades
    • New JavaScript validation for uploading files.
    • Update to resolve a manage job issue.
  • People Directory Upgrade
    • Upgraded the content builder to use some new template place holders.
  • Photo Album Upgrades
    • Photo Album front end is now CSS driven.
    • Update to resolve a slide show javascript issue.
    Poll Plugin Upgrade
    • Upgrade to make the Poll Plugin title configurable.
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New score column to the View Responses report.
    • New Correct/Inncorrect columns to the View Results area.
    • New Label in the Manage Questionnaire area to show the correct answer.
  • Site Search Upgrade
    • Update to resolve a index page searching issue.

  • Calendar: Weekly View
    • Update to resolve a year-end event spanning issue.
  • FormBuilder CSV Export Upgrade
    • Included the response ID in the exports.
  • Secure News Plugin
    • Upgrade to support a news article pop-up on a secure page.
  • Photo Album
    • Design layout change, the default table widths now are 100% instead of 770 pixels.
  • New Poll Plugin
    • New plugin that works with the questionnaire module to display a real-time poll. This powerful module is available for purchase. Contact your Sales Rep today.
  • User Administration
    • Resolved a quote issue on Add/Edit User.

  • Shop Cart 2 List Item Upgrade
    • This upgrade to the shopping cart will allow the user to attach a specific price difference to a list item.
  • Shop Cart 2 Tax Calculation Change
    • The shop cart 2 system will no longer calculate tax on shipping charges.

  • Secure Plugins Upgrade
    • Upgrade to support plugins on a secure page.
  • Mini News Feed
    • Resolved variable conflict with the photo album module.
  • Info Button Upgrades
    • This upgrade is adding info buttons to the following systems
      • Calendar
      • Form Builder
      • File Manager
      • Blog
      • Photo Album
      • Staff List
      • Section / Category / Page Editor

  • Shop Cart 2 Product Extension Re-Write
    • This re-write will allow the following extension options
      • File Upload
      • Photo Manipulation
      • Text Input
      • Lists
      • Multi-Select Lists
      • Check Boxes
      • Radio Buttons
  • People Directory
    • This will add the new people directory to SiteApex
  • Multi Select Tool Upgrade
    • This upgrade will allow you to use the multi-select tool (built into Form.class.php) to do custom ordering as well now.
  • Layout Manager/Form Builder Upgrade
    • This upgrade will increase the standard interface size to 770 and will now allow the last item in the header (from the buildList command) to be span'd over x rows by passing it a 3rd variable telling it how many rows to span
    • The Form Builder is the first interface to get this upgrade
    • Patch to the Form Builder edit upgrade, to allow the user to edit fields that the end user did not fill in originally.
  • Impatica Oncue Fix
    • Code was replacing ' ' with '-' for html file names. Removed that so the html name is the same as the zip file name.
  • Devotional Upgrades
    • Add a template plugin that will display today's devotional, and allow the user to click and view a javascript popup window (non popup) that will contain all of the devotional information
    • Upgrade the devotional module's front-end to look and feel a lot more like the blog
    • Upgrade the devotional module's back-end to add pagination
  • Calendar Mod Fix
    • Bug in the weekly calendar display when the week view would span over a month the new month, the view event was passed the current month and not the proper month value.

  • News Mod Post launch updates
    • move the feed below the feature article, left aligned.
    • rename "News Feed" make sure there is 20px space above it so the article has space
    • also when the user does not enter a sub title the system squishes up and is too tight, can you change it so that if no sub title is entered that it still holds the place/spacing.
    • Fixed a mini news bug that was ignoring the 'Show in Mini news' Flag
    • New Help Icons for News Mod admin
    • Changed the default styling on mini News and One Article plugins
    • Changed a bit of the structure behind the scenes (went from span tags to table tags)
    • Changed the file naming convention for featured photos.
    • Fixed a bug when you include multiple mini News plugins on one template
    • Fixed a bug when you include multiple one article pludings on one template
  • FormBuilder Email Subject/From Upgrades
    • Ability to set the email subject and from address
  • Formbuilder Internet SecureUpgrade
    • Internet Secure has changed their response codes, so now we need to check the response[Page][Value] == 90000. All other values are a declined.
  • Form Builder - Edit Data Upgrade
    • This upgrade will allow the end user to edit the content of the responses posted by their clients/end users
  • Data Importer Upgrade
    • This upgrade will automatically set the email address to the username field if they have not selected a username field already
    • This upgrade will also allow the importer to properly import passwords

  • FormBuilder Email Notification Update
    • Option at form level to turn the sending of submitted data on/off in emails.

  • Job Postings Upgrades (available for purchase)
    • Employee/Employer Counter enabled
    • Added Pagination to the Admin System
  • Shop Cart 2.0 Upgrades (available for purchase)
    • Inventory System new product field "Expected Delivery Date"
    • New feature to allow Product Extension fields to be Required

  • Newsletter Upgrade
    • Enhancement to the cause bounce backs to to be returned to the From Email address of that newsletter, this important feature will allow site admin to cleanup their mailing lists of invalid entries

    News Module Updates
    • News Listing maximum default now set to 10.
    • One featured articles only per feed.
    • Added JPG image file validation so only jpg/jpeg files will be accepted.
    • We now hide the photo field unless the featured story is checked YES.
    • Change heading To: News Feed Name
    • News add/edit article - repositioned fields into the order of their use
    • List articles - added a date column on website displayed based on posted date
    • SA install script automation creates a feed named "News" on all new site installs
    • Add multi select feed when creating a page, so you can have multiple feeds on a page
    • SA news page, when there is no featured article, now displays the newest article as the featured.
    • SA News module style upgrades
    News Module Mini View Updates
    • CSS styles moved out into ./CSS/miniNews.css for easy customization
    Oncue Module
    • Custom module launched
    Shop Cart 2 - Upgrade
    • New Coupon System
    Data Import - Users
    • This script will allow the site admin to import users themselves

  • View My Events
    • Secure feature allowing User to View list of events they have signed up for
    • Ability to cancel events they have signed up for
  • FormBuilder Updates
    • Email Auto-response now places a reference code in the subject line
    • Orbital (Paymentech) payment gateway added
    • New field added (Username) for collecting a user entered username
    • new feature for additional field single choice radio/select that will email a notification to the option selected
    • Auto Populate Front-End Form now available when completing a secure form (if logged in)
    • Upgrade to admin interface to hide all fields not being used. Expand/Hide link provided.

  • Editor Module Upgrades
    • Updated the Editor to handle 100 MB uploads
  • Calendar Module Upgrades
    • Secure form upgrade will allow the user to specify 2 separate forms for a calendar event one for logged in members and one for those that have not logged in
    • Calendar registrations tweaks have updated the CSV exporter to work with the Date filter on the view event responses
    • Added a "Secure Registrations Only" flag to the even signup which only allows logged in users to signup for an event
    • Added a flag to the add/edit event registration to "include Successful Payment only? Yes or No"
    • New feature to allow user to export to csv(excel) signups for a particular event when they "View Responses"
    • Added a date filter at the top of the "View Responses" so the admin can display event signups for a particular date and then print the page
    • Updated all components of the calendar module to include the ./CSS/custom_calendarStyle.css file
    • Add the "Dates Prior" functionality that will allow the user to stop a calendar from being signed up for, until x days before the event (based on current date)

  • BBS Upgrade
    • File Attachment Uploads now available on Topics and Replies
  • Mini News Upgrade
    • Ability to set the displayed description length
  • News Module
    • Removed the featured link override and also removed template placeholders
  • Section/Category/Page Editor
    • Added the ability to specify a "Browser Page Title" aside from the page name
    • Knowledge Base item added as well
  • ShopCart2 Updates
    • Allow user new option to store uploaded image as original version
    • New Options "Mark As Printed" Invoice view
    • Changed Cost Export to use UserName for the dealerID
    • Resolved quotes issues in the product extensions area
    • Only Active products/categories and product that are in a category will be searchable
    • Vendor Product Number Added
    • Vendor Product Number and Vendor Notes are now available in the template system
    • Company and Shipping Company has been added to the order system and user accounts
    • Extension Manager now copies from existing product
  • Shopcart
    • New Coupon System Feature (for purchase)
  • Learning Module
    • Product Initial Release (for purchase)

  • Calendar Upgrades
    • Added CSS styling to the user interface, to allow further customization
    • Edit Calendar will now retain the flag that limit's the calendar event list to a single calendar
    • Start time now defaults to 00 if you select an hour and dont select a minute
    • Date Format Changed when viewing a list of calendar Events to show the day of week as well.
    • New Calendar Layout 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'Yearly'
    • Ability to choose mulitple layouts to a calendar and set a default one
    • Added view layout selector and have it jump on selection
    • Upgrade to API on the calendar event integration
    • Yearly Calendar Look & Feel Upgrade
  • News Module
    • Added feature to change the post date
    • Removed Article Date from the 'Other News' listing
    • News module template based for future customization requests
    • Name module News Manager so they can be more easily found in the list
    • "other news" title now a field so user can change what it says per feed
    • admin-->List articles, added a * to indicate featured article
    • admin-->List articles, collapse the dates if "Use Exp. Dates: " is set to no (default: no)
  • Login Interface Upgrade
    • Wording Changed to Username/Email to help remove confusion
    • Enhanced security
  • Security
    • Ability to add categories and manage them when you are only allowed to work under one section.
  • FormBuilder
    • Added "" as a new payment type option in the FormBuilder
    • Upgrade to the admin to display "Unpaid" items as well
    • Upgrade to support the new Moneris Payment Gateway API
  • Job Posting System
    • Release of this custom module into SiteApex
    • Add the ability to track and display the last to edit, and last edited date per job
  • Shop Cart
    • Added support for the new Moneeris Payment Gateway API
    • Admin Product List paginating upgrade
    • Inventory Level Management
      • Added the ability to manage inventory levels
      • Updated the product interface to contain the levels
      • Added a "Manage Inventory" plug-in system to manage and display levels and warnings
    • PayPal Upgrade
    • Upgrade the Country/State on invoices to display country name
    • Added the "Save Changes" button into the "Manage Options" interface
    • Order Management
      • Upgrade to allow the user to sort their orders by OrderNumber or Status
      • Upgrade to page numbering on "View Orders" with "<< Previous" and "Next >>"
    • Changed 'View' to 'View Cart' in red text
    • When you click Add To Cart, it now brings you to the view cart interface so you can see what you just added
    • Ability to DELETE orders
    • Enhanced the look of the bread crumb
    • Added "Mark As Printed" status for orders
  • News Letters
    • Added password placeholder and made the username place holder work
    • Unsubscribe Link (More complicated than this looks)
    • Added History for sent newsletters
    • Editor Upgrade to support Absolute Links in this module only
    • Major Click Thru Tracking enhancement
  • Page Approval Upgrades
    • Previewing Page via link in email notification upgraded
    • Notification From address made dynamic for user

  • Calendar Module Upgrades
    • stylesheet(editor.css) now included in the event pop-up
    • start time default to null if you select an hour and dont select a minute
    • New Calendar Layout 'Weekly List'
    • Edit Calendar Page type now has ability to select 3 views(yearly, monthly, weekly) and set a default
    • Date Format Changed when viewing a list of calendar Events to show the day of week
  • News Module Update
    • ability to change the post date.
  • Page Layout Module
    • expanded the editor field type to long-text
  • Security Upgrades
    • Ability to add categories and manage them when you are only allowed to work under one section.
  • Weekly Calendar Upgrades
    • add weekly browsing

  • Blog Module
    • Upgraded edit screens to allow double quotes
    • User Login Data has been converted to use the SiteApex Standard User Data Scheme. This means that if you are logged into another module, or your administration system, you do not have to log into the blog.
    • Upgrade to delete category functionality.
    • The editor that is used to manage your blog content has been updated.
  • Calendar Module Upgrades
    • An event signup has been added to the calendar. You can now use a form from the Form Builder module and have it automatically integrated into your calendar event. This will allow you to collect signups, and other data, within your calendar events.
    • Upgraded edit screens to allow double quotes
    • Upgraded the Activate/Deactivate calendar commands to allow single quotes
  • Form Builder Module Upgrades
    • Moneris Payment Gateway Updates/Upgrades
    • Upgraded Moneris Payment Gateway to allow quotes.
    • Added Developer Reporting: If something goes wrong, the system will now notify our development team, and a corrective action can be taken.
    • Additional User Data Tracking added to the Moneris Payment Gateway
      • Additional Data Includes:
        • Name on Card
        • Type of Card
        • Drop Down Date Selection Model
        • Removal of MOD10 Card Validation
  • Security Updates
    • You are now able to lock down the following SiteApex components
      • Page Approval High Security
      • Publish Site (Main Button on the Site Map)
      • Add Section (Main Button on the Site Map)
    • Security Upgrade to the "Preview", used to preview your changes to Sections, Categories, and Pages
    • Updated an issue in which your browser would virtually login twice when you logged into your administration system
  • Indexed Articles
    • Updated the Active/Deactive status of the article to interface with the front-end user display of the articles.
    • This is a new module available for purchase.
  • Site Search Module Upgrades
    • SiteSearch can now provide the proper links for an article to display, instead of the default article page.
    • SiteSearch upgraded to no longer require the "Indexed Article Search Catch Page"
    • This is a new plug-in available for a small setup fee
  • Job Posting Module
    • This is a new module available for purchase, designed to run similar to other popular job systems
  • News Module Upgrade
    • The News module has been upgraded to make use of the Start/End Dates. It also now groups news items into feeds, to allow for better sorting, and better use on the front-end of your website.
    • This is a new module available for purchase.
  • Mini News Plugin
    • A new Plugin designed to work along side the News Module. This system displays news items from a feed in an abbreviated format, similar to the Calendar Module's "Coming Events".
  • Questionnaire Module Upgrades
    • Upgrade to allow the administrator to tell the questionnaire system to email a copy of the user's answers to them, upon completeing the questionnaire
    • Outgoing emails converted to TEXT, to handle compatibility issues with different email clients (Outlook, etc.)
    • Additional Styling added to the progress bar, to allow for better look-and-feel control
    • Addressed issues of server load when massive questionnaires were being used in large quantities (1 Questionnaire x 100 questions x 10,000+ users / day)
    • This is a new module available for purchase.
  • Shop Cart 2.0 Upgrades
    • Extension Group has been made available to be printed with the extensions on the invoice printouts, and emails
    • User Data Push/Pull: A user's profile in the Shopping Cart will now automatically update the corresponding SiteApex User Profile, and Vise Versa
    • Page Breaking has been added to the display's on the ShopCart 2.0 Front-End.
    • Options Manager has been pulled from the product management page into a popup, to allow the interface to run smoother, and to have new options.
    • Vendor Currency has been added to allow the administrator to specify which currency the vendor supplies in.
    • Status "Shipped" has been added to the available order status types.
    • Page Breaking has been added to the "View Orders" interface, to make the interface easier to use, and easier to find your orders within.
    • Added a reporting tool to allow us to develop reports that will work for you, and to plug them into the ShopCart, without affecting anyone else. This will also allow us to speed the process of development, so you don't have to wait so long to get your reports released.
    • Updated the category system to handle Active/Deactive status's, and to have the front-end act accordingly.
    • Added a photo placeholder to take the place of any products that don't have images. This will stop the broken images from displaying, and will make your interface much nicer.
    • Addressed the issue of the system Virtually logging in twice when switching between your unsecure and your secure SSH servers.
    • Quantity update stops the end user from being able to place a negative number in their product quantity.
    • User Based Product Sorting: We've upgraded our product sorting mechanism to allow us to have the products sort differently on the front-end, allow you to have your products displayed the way you want them to be displayed.
  • Business Directory Module 2.0
    • This is a new module available for purchase.
    • We started from the ground up, and redesigned this Module. Upgrades Include:
      • Template Based Look-and-Feel
      • Expanded Category System
      • Better user-control
      • Easier to use administrative interfaces
  • Impatica Module
    • This is a new module available for purchase that has been developed to work along side the "Impatica" software bundle. This bundle is used to compress PowerPoint presentations into a useable web format, then display them online through a Java Applet.

  • Branch Module Updates
    • 2 Template Updates
    • Altered the web address to become a link target="_blank"
    • Updated the Branch admin to auto format the web address to "", auto-removing the "http://" if it is posted
  • Form Builder Updates
    • Fixed a bug in the additional fields, which caused them to break under certain scenarios when double quotes were used
    • Added a style tag into the formBuilder container for formatting issues later
    • Addressed an issue of data validation when using Moneris as a payment type
    • Duplicate function in the administration tool
  • JavaScript Menu V2 Updates
    • Patched the issue of re-used menu names breaking the menu
    • Addressed the issue of menus going off the screen to the right when they are too close
    • Fixed the Z-Index issue when menus would fall under each other
  • Staff List Email Form Update - Fixed issues when the form would break under certain scenarios

  • Directory Module Enhancements
    • Auto-Format the web address
    • End-user image handling features
  • Calendar Module Enhancements
  • Javascript Menu v2 Released
  • User Management Upgrades
  • Form Builder Enhancements
    • Internet Secure Support
    • Multi Owner Email Addresses
    • Spam Filter Patch
    • Misc. Display Patches
  • Library Module Patch
    • Large File Download Support

  • File Manager Module - delete option added
  • Page Approval System - Interface Upgrade
  • Branch Module. Official release of our new Branch Module
  • W3 Compliance updates
  • Library Module Updates. File Locking release

  • Form Builder Updates
    • IP Addresses now storing in the database
    • Owner email update to include the form name
    • Confirmation email update to include the users IP address
  • Shop Cart 1.0 Update -- GST changed to 6%
  • Questionaire Updates
    • Copy functionality added
    • Added the Auto Save feature
    • Added the Skip To Field
    • Removed the automatic ":" on the question display
    • Enhancement to page edit system to allow multi-select

  • Form Builder Upgrade.
    • New capability to store data when updating additional fields.
    • Fixed an issue with the moneris payment system
    • Formatting
  • Look and Feel update to SiteApex Admin.
  • Shop Cart 2.0. Our new Shopping Cart is available for purchase.
  • Formatting Updates to the Projects Module
  • Patch to the Staff list manager. Fixing an issue with handling quotes.
  • Directory Module. Formatting Updates.
  • Editor Upgrade. Patched issues with FireFox and our Word Style Editor
  • New Functionality. Mini Calendar Plugin
  • Indexed Articles Module. Formatting Updates
  • BBS V2 Compatability issues fixed with our new SA Look N Feel

  • JavaScript Roll-over Menu Patch
    • This patch fixed an issue with page level roll-over menus
  • Questionaire Updates - Updates to look and feel
  • Advertising System - Updates to the Ad Stats
  • Site Search Plugin - First official release of the SiteApex Site Search
  • Form Builder Upgrade - We have added Moneris support to the SiteApex Form Builder
  • Form Builder E-Com Enhancement - This enhancement fixes a known issue in the structure of the SiteApex Form Builder E-Com system

  • IE 7 JavaScript Menu Compability Issue
    • The newest version of IE 7 has compatibility issues with JavaScript rollover menus. A patch has been applied to temporarily address the problem while a longer term solution is considered.

  • Questionaire Module Upgrade
    • Standardized Report - Summary Report
      • This report will give a summary of all results for a given questionaire
    • Standardized Report - View Results
      • This report will list off all the results for a given questionaire, and allow the user to view the details of each result
    • Standardized Report - Export to CSV
      • This report will allow the user to download a CSV copy of all the results generated by each questionaire

  • New template plugin for front end users to update their user profiles
  • Library Module - New module for managing front end files and folders
  • Countdown Module:
    • Updated wording
    • Cleaned up deactivation bug
    • Updated the content editor
  • Files Module
    • Files will now download in a new window
    • Filter By Category
    • New sorting options
  • Recycle Bin - This new module will allow you to undelete deleted files. This is not a retro-active module, so any files that you have deleted prior to this module being installed will not show up in the recycle bin, nor can they be retreived
  • Public BBS - Updated the look in the admin
  • Directory Module - Core bug fixed
  • FormBuilder Updates
    • Spam Blocker now displays in the form preview, in the admin
    • Ip Address Storage Option
    • Can now send additional field information to the form owner, upon form submit.
  • Questionaire Module - New module designed to run questionaires and online tests.
  • Major update to all core systems
    • User timeout issues addressed
    • Double refresh on login fixed
    • Home page identifier in sitemap changed from {home} to an image
    • Publish Site notifications
    • Removed "Description" from the Section/Category/Page edit screens
    • Add/Edit Sections/Categories/Pages have new graphical additions

  • SQL Injection Security patch.

  • Fixed a glitch in the ad manager that would cause it to break when system files were updated.

  • Performance Enhancement -- Elimination of File Module include on all pages
  • Add Section option on right toolbar when SiteMap is selected, consistent with rest of admin
  • Remove "Turn help off" and "Home" link in admin
  • User Management Notifications Added
  • New standard login input format
  • Login option default to the enter key
  • Control panel/security/edit users field names change for US/Canadian customers
  • Optional Help Feature in Admin with links to support and ticket system
  • File Module Spam Blocker feature
  • FormBuilder - Edit Features
  • FormBuilder - Spam Blocker feature
  • FormBuilder - IP Address Tracking feature added
  • Major Security Enhancement - Users can now be completely locked out of the admin by using the "Backend Login" feature in the security group management

  • Calendar Module Enhancments
    • interface upgrade including easy forward/backward month scrolling
    • bug fix for events spanning across monthend
    • spacing on display between events on the same day

  • Photo Album Enhancments
  • Security issue fixed - Page Approvals now have their own security settings
  • Archive/Security Bugs - Additional bug (Duplicate Entries in low level security items) has been fixed
  • Archive/Security Bugs
  • Menu Builder Additions - New Menu Options

  • Form Builder Email Bug Fixed

  • File Manager bug fixes
  • Project Module Enhancments

  • Form builder bug fixes
  • Site Search updated

  • Revision History Limitations - This upgrade will limit the number of items in your revision history to a default of 5 versions back. This can be changed as per your requirements.

  • Form Builder Updates
  • Photo Album Selection Bug Fixed - There were issues when selecting a specific photo album to go on a page

  • News Module Upgrade -- Allows for display limits to be configured
  • Projects Module Launched

  • This log has has been released
  • BLOG Module Released
  • Indexed Articles Module Released
  • Module Positioning Upgrade - This allows you to position your modules above or below the description text

  • File Manager updated to update uploaded files with their original file names
  • A compatability issue with the language module was found in the Shopping Cart system (For those it affects). Issue has been fixed.

  • Various Menu Generation issues addressed and fixed
  • Photo Album Enhancments Including adding the slideshow options to the popup display

  • Upgrade to the approval system to compensate for new pages not being displayed in the menus
  • Approvers List is now being displayed on the page editor, when applicable
  • The List of templates in the page editor are now listed in alphabetical order
  • The Page approval system now takes the pages out of approval status when declined
  • Page Ordering bug fixed in regards to the approval system
  • Revision History system updated to handle system refreshing