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SiteApex 9.19 Banner Ad Rotator Improved validation to improve filename formatting. Update to improve Accessibility of rotator controls and images. BBS Upgrade to Post Topic for the elimination of register global variables. Directory Update to auto-generation of map coordinates from address when creating directory items. Form Builder New payment gateway support for Helcim Payments. Upgrade to iATS payment gateway to use iATS gateway version 2 URL end point. Improved WCAG accessibility. Updated error checking for Bambora payment gateway integration. Update to restore required indicator for payment/donation
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SiteApex 9.18 SiteApex - PHP Upgrading Significant upgrades to all areas of SiteApex behind the scenes to support newer server technologies. This ensures SiteApex longevity for years to come as well as improves security by being available to receive any cutting edge security updates.
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SiteApex 9.17 Banner Ad Rotator Enhancement to treatment of special character handling in file names. Improvements to cropping function within Add/Edit Ad. Calendar Update to display of event registration forms within events. Directory Improved error checking for Website hyperlink within directory item. Updated the map to display the "best" icon for each item based on closest category with icon. Update to include a Google Map JavaScript asset over HTTPS. Form Builder *New* 3rd party payment gateway integration now available for TD Bambora Payments. Added date format validation (yyyy-mm-dd) for date fields,
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