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Creating a field that allows users to choose who gets the forms notification email

There are some situations when you want to have the person filling out a form choose who will get the form response. This is possible in form builder by using extra fields, using the right field types and field options.
Step 1: Adding an extra field
  1. You will need to add an extra field to your form. Log into your admin area and go to Modules > Form Manager > Edit the form you wish to add this too. Scroll to the bottom and click "Continue To Additional Fields".
  2. Click on "Add Field" on the right anywhere you want to add this field.
Step 2: Setting up the new form field
Using any of these form field types Multi choice, Single Choice (buttons) and Single Choice (list) you can setup the form to choose who the form response goes too.
Here is the format the field options need to be in. The name of the person and there email address is separated by a semi-colon and the different e-mail options are separated by a comma. You can have as many options as you need as long as you keep the options separated by a comma.
Example 1
This will create a list that when a name is chosen will email the associated name. 
Manager Name1;,Manager Name2;,Manager Name3;
In this example, if Manager Name 1 is chosen, then will be sent an email when the form is submitted.
Example 2
This will create a list that when a name is chosen it will email multiple people...
dropdown choice 1;email1;email2,dropdown choice2;email3,dropdown choice 3;email1;email2;email3

CAREFULLY NOTICE that the choices are separated by commas and the email options for that choice follow the choice separated by semi-colons.
In this example, the result would produce 3 choices in the dropdown:
dropdown choice 1
dropdown choice 2
dropdown choice 3
so selecting choice 1 would send an email to address email1 and email2
selecting choice 2 would send an email to address email3
selecting choice 3 would send an email to address email1 and email2 and email3
Once you have successfully setup either of these options on your form you can actually remove anybody in the "Owner field" well editing the form.