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Customizing your Form Display Layout

Using our Layout builder you can customize a form's display layout on your website. Each Form you create can have it's own unique layout.

Layout Builder allows you to:

  • have a custom unique look for each of our forms
  • edit each fields width based on how much percentage it is allowed per row
  • allow you to display fields side by side
  • custom order all the forms fields using drag and drop functionality
  • lock a field onto its own row preventing other fields from displaying beside it

Editing your Forms Layout

To change the look of your form, go to Modules > FormBuilder. Next click on "Layout" option on the form you wish to edit.

  1. Click and drag on the arrow icon to move a form field up or down, left or right.
  2. Use the % drop downs to choose how wide your form fields will be. With this feature you can put 2-4 form fields beside each other (ie: 66% & 33%, or 25% X 4, etc)
  3. When the checkbox is checked, it will force the field to display on its own row. This is useful when you want a field to be less than 100% wide but not have any other fields beside.
  • The 'Reset Layout' button will reload the Layout Builder with the default Form Builder ordering and field widths. Changes will not be saved until you click on 'Save Layout'.
  • Click the 'Save Layout' button to save your changes. If your form is already on one of your website pages, the changes will go live immediately.

Please note: This feature is intended for form layout purposes only and is not a final preview of your form.

Formbuilder Layout Builder Video Introduction and Tutorial