SiteApex Administration Help & Tutorials

Please use the topic links below to see a list of tutorials for that particular topic or module. Or you can use the search button to search for help on a specific topic. 

Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Main Areas of Your Websites Admin

There are 6 default areas to the SiteApex administration system. You will find access to each in the main menu after logging into your websites administration page. [How to login]. Using your mouse hover over the left menu to find access to each of these areas.


The Home area provides access to your SiteMap and lists Modules links that are currently being used on your website.


The SiteMap is where you view and manage all the pages on your website. It is where you to Add, Edit, Delete and Publish pages. You can view the last time a page was updated, if it has a module on it and the status of a page.

Clicking on your page names in the SiteMap is how you edit your content on the selected page. The SiteMap loads first after logging into your admin area.


All sites come with a standard set of programmed modules that enable you to enhance your site.

Standard Modules Include:
  • Ads (Image Banner)
  • BBS v2 (Public or Private Forum)
  • BLOG
  • Calendar Manager
  • File Manager
  • Form Builder
  • Media & Resource Library
  • News Letters
  • News Manager
  • Photo Album
  • Staff List
A module can be added to any page in your SiteMap after they have been created.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows you to Control users, passwords, adjust basic site settings and recover items from your Recycle Bin.
  • cPanel (if applicable, a link to some cPanel hosting settings)
  • Manage your Outgoing Email Accounts (Sending website emails using SMTP)
  • Recycle Bin to recover deleted pages from SiteMap. You can also scan for unused image or file assets with Asset Cleanup and delete them from the website's storage.
  • Template Manger to edit Plugins used on each template layout.
  • Settings area includes linking to Google tools, main site title and how the website search functions.
  • Security area to manage group privilege's and users management.
  • Site Search Results area displays search data from your websites search function.


By default this are will display the last months visitor stats. This information is pulled from the "Awstats" feature provided by the cPanel hosting platform.


You can use the HELP menu to access the online manual, video tutorials & support ticket system.
Throughout the Admin, help articles are available on most items in SiteApex. You can open their help by clicking the blue question mark.