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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.

Editing Media Library Folders

There are a few file options for Media & Resource files including being able to change the Title, description and upload a new file. Here is how to edit and an explanation of the options.

1. You first will need to go to the page on your website that has the Media & Resource library. You will need to login to the module using the username and password you have setup to Admin the module. Usually this is the same as your main Admin login.

2. Find the file you would like to edit and click on the Edit file icon highlighted in the image on the left. This panel might be vertical or horizontal depending on the folder layout you have selected.

3. You are now in the Edit file screen.

Title: This is the name of your file.

Description: You can write a description about your file, if you would like.

File: Use the [browse] button to find a file on your computer to upload.

Optional Thumbnail: Some layouts use thumbnail images in the video player for non-video files.

Optional/Additional File 1 & 2: You have the option of uploading up to two related files. This could be used for a video transcript, for example. You will need to give the file a "label" or name, and [browse] to find the file on your computer.

Press [submit] to upload your file or save your edits and return to the library.