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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Adding Photos to a Photo Album

  1. Log into SiteApex admin and click on Modules in the top navigation.
  2. Click "Photo Album" on the left menu.
  3. Click on "Add Photos" on the module options.
    Click on Add Photo
  4. Choose the Album you want to add pictures too or setup a new Album by giving it a name, then click Continue.Album Selection
  5. By default the Photo album module will decrease the physical size of the images uploaded. This will lower loading times and reduce the amount of space used on your web hosting. Selecting "Yes" on "Keep original size for enlarged view" will keep the images original size. Click on "Choose Photos" to open your computer's file explorer.
    Album Select Photos
  6. Select the photos you want to upload. Note the uploader supports uploading of multiple files. Highlight or select as many as you require in the computer's file explorer. Click Open.
  7. Click "Start Upload" to begin uploading the photos to your website. Upload speeds and time will depend on your internet speed and the size of the images.
    Upload Photos
  8. Once completed your photos are now in the album.Photos Succesfully Uploaded