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How To Edit Page Content

Content is king, and it's important to be able to update your pages content quickly and easily. It is recommended to ensure your websites content is up to date as possible with any changes yourself, organization or business make. Your customers and patrons are looking for simple or advanced answers to their questions and your website can get that information to them in a simple and effective manner.

TLDR: Editing Your Pages

  1. Login to your websites admin (how to login).
  2. On the Site Map screen find and click the page Name or the Edit Icon SiteApex SiteMap Edit Icon.
  3. Under the general tab use the Content Editor to make your content changes.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the edit screen and click either Save Changes to save your progress only or Save and Publish to go live with your changes immediately on this page.

    Note: By Saving only the Site Map page will show you that there are pending updates that have not been Published.

    When you are ready to launch click on at the top of the Site Map display.

Content Editing

The content Editor looks much like a common word processor, with features for formatting text i.e. Headings, bold, italics, alignment. When you roll your cursor over an icon, a text label displays its function.
Tip: Visit our Getting Started Video Tutorials for in depth training on a number of these icons.

SiteApex Page Content Edit Editor


Using Heading Styles

The standard for formatting titles and sub-tiles on a website is to use Heading styles. These are extra important to use due to the fact search engines can then identify page topics, accessibility tools can see the structure of your page and subjects on your page are easier to find.

To set a Heading, highlight a title and click on the Paragraph format drop down to apply a Heading level and look.

SiteApex Editor Heading Paragraph Formatting Styles


Formatting your content

SiteApex Editor Format Text Options

Heading formatting has been preset by your designer to match your website design and to provide consistency.

To use custom styles first highlight the words to be formatted, then in the editor find the style you want to use. These include things but not limited too bold, Italicize, bullet points, etc.

Tip: Use the "REMOVE FORMAT” feature to remove styles from text. Highlight the text and click the following icon.

SiteApex Editor Erase Formatting


Saving Your Changes

If you are ready for your content changes to go live immediately use the Save Changes and Publish button located at the bottom of the edit screen.


If you simply want to save only and Publish later, press the Save Changes button at the bottom.


Cancel will not save your changes and take you back to your Site Map.


Preview will open a window that will show you the content area formatted as it would be on your website. Note, the Previewer does not show modules nor any custom design aspects your template may have.

Making it live: Publishing

You will need to Publish the site for your Saves to go live on the internet. This would launch any pages that have not been Published yet. The Publish button is located at the top of the Site Map area in the admin.

Tip: After publishing, if you cannot see the changes on your website, check out this article - Can't See Changes to Pages After Editing Them?

Other Editing Tips

Copying/Pasting from MS Word?

Word and other programs add hidden font and formatting tags in the code of the page content. Some of these code tags are not compatible with website code and can cause you headaches well formatting your content but with our SiteApex editor this code is removed automatically.

Click your cursor where you want to insert your content and use the CTRL+V or CMD+V keyboard shortcut to paste.

Show Blocks

Having trouble seeing where HTML elements are located? Use the toolbar option “Show Blocks” to enable a display mode to locate the HTML element blocks. Displays visual border during editing around the html element’s of your content.

View HTML Blocks Button