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Using the Reference Pages option

Need to create a page but do not want it shown publicly on your main navigation menu? The Reference page option is used to hide a page from the main navigation.

An example would be if you have a marketing promotion that needs it's own page but you don't want to include it on your main site navigation menu. You can set any level of menu page as a "reference page" and then create a link to that page from any other page on your website. 

Another, example would be a search page. You don't want "Search" to show up in your menu but when someone does a search you need a page to exist for those search results to display on.

You can set any page (Section, Category, or Page) as a reference page but note if you set a Section or Category as a reference page if you have Categories or Pages under them those will also hide on the menu as their parent menu item is hidden.

Turning on the Reference Page Options

  1. Go to your Site Map.
  2. In your Site Map edit the page you would like to change templates on. Click on the Name or click the Edit Icon .
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the edit screen and enable Make this a reference page.
    SiteApex Edit Reference Page Toggle
  4. Save by clicking on Save Changes to save changes for a later publish or Save and Publish to publish page immediately.