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Embedding a YouTube Video

Adding a YouTube video to your web pages is easier then ever with our YouTube Embed tool. You can adjust the dimensions and apply video options in the editor.

  1. Click the cursor where you want to insert the video into your content. Click on the YouTube Icon in the editor.
    SiteApex Editor Youtube Embed
  2. In the YouTube dialog box you can either paste in the Embed code or the Video URL and manually set options for your video.
    SiteApex Youtube Embed Options
    We recommend using the URL address of the video option as this allows you to set the video to full with with the responsive feature.
  3. When finished click Ok your video will now be embedded in your content. This will display in the editor as an iFrame.

Note: The next time you edit this page you will see the iFrame box where the YouTube video sits on the page, you will not see the video thumbnail in the Editor.