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Link your page to an alternative URL

If you wish to override a menu link altogether you can do so with the Alternative URL option. This allows you to send a visitor to another page on your website, a specific file or even another website address from your menu. The link replaces the default link in the menu with your custom URL.

This feature is found when you edit any Section/Category/Page at the bottom of the edit screen. Note that hovering over the menu item will still show any sub menus.

SiteApex Alternative URL Field

Fill this out with the FULL URL of the file or webpage you want to link to and then choose if you would like have that URL "Open in a new window" or "Open in current window".
If you desire to link to a file on your website check out tutorial "Linking to a File or Image" and follow Steps 3 and on to get a file uploaded and the retrieve the url.
Make sure the URL to the file include the full path.