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Can't See Changes to Pages After Editing Them?

If you've made some changes to your website administration area, but aren't seeing the latest changes when you check them on your website, once of two things has likely happened.

Missed The Publish Step in your Admin Area

If you're editing pages in your Site Map and only clicked on Save Changes, you  will still need to Publish to make the new changes apply. The Site Map will list all pages that require a publish by indicating so in the Status column.
Click on the Publish Site button at the top right hand side of the Site Map in order to publish all pending changes. 
Publishing your site takes all of your submitted changes and makes them live on the internet.

Your Browser is Caching the Previous Version of the Page

Most web browsers save copies, or portions of web pages you've previously visited. They do this to help speed up your browsing experience and save some bandwidth on your internet connection. The reason saving copies of pages helps is that your browser then doesn't need to re-download and re-render a page it's already been to.
However, this can become an issue if you've made changes to a page, submitted them, and published them to go live. Sometimes your browser will stubbornly keep loading that old version of your page.
if you're sure you've submitted your page changes and published them, but you're still not seeing them on the live version of the page, then you're probably dealing with a browser cache issue.
To resolve this, we recommend trying the following steps.
  • Try clicking the refresh button in your browser, quite often this will clear up the issue and show you the latest version of the page.
  • Try hitting CTRL + F5 on your keyboard, this should force your browser to reload a fresh version of the page.
  • 3. If trying 1 or 2 doesn't work. Follow the steps on the following link to clear your browser cache manually. Find the version of the browser you are using in the list, and follow the instructions:'s-Cache