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Asset Manager: File Options

Clicking on a file will reveal a number of options at the top of the asset manager to use or manipulate the file.

Asset Manager File Options


Asset Manager Options Icons and Meaning

Icon Description

SiteApex Asset Manager Add File

Click this to upload a new file into the current folder selected.

SiteApex Asset Manager Preview File

Opens the full image in a new tab in your web browser.

SiteApex Asset Manager Rename File

Allows you to change the name of the file. Careful changing file names if they are being used on existing pages. You will need to update their file paths with the new name.

SiteApex Asset Manager Resize Image

An image editor will open allowing you to resize your images.

Siteape Asset Manager Image Resize

Siteapex Asset Manager Crop Image

An image editor will open allowing you to crop your image.

Siteapex Asset Manager Image Cropping

Siteapex Asset Manager Download File

Downloads the selected file to your computer downloads folder. Uses the web browser default downloads folder.

Siteapex Asset Manager Delete File

Terminates file from your asset manager and website. Note this will break the image if it is being used on pages.

Siteapex Asset Manager Select File

Clicking on a file will highlight to use it you will need to click on "select file" or double click on the file to use it on the images or link properties box.


Right clicking on a file

If you use your mouse right click button on a file it will bring up the same menu of options. You will see the Paste/Cut/Copy options. Note these do work but only within the folder. Primarily this is used to make copies of files.

Asset Manager File Options