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Tips for Responsive Pages with Tables

Tables can often have too many columns to display on a small device. If the table shrunk in size it's quite possible that you would not be able to read the text as opposed to an image that is easier to view smaller.

How to make your Table more Responsive

Here are a few styles to improve table viewing on a device with a smaller screen.

  1. Right click on your table. Click on Table Properties.
    Right Click Table Properties Context Menu
  2. Change the width from a set width to "100%".
    Table Properties Width
  3. Click "Ok"

This will allow your table to fit to the size of the window it's provided on various sizes of devices.

Setting Table Column Widths

Additionally you might want your columns to be different widths so in a percentage based table we recommend you determine what percentage, totalling to 100%, that you want each column.

To do this you go into the Cell Properties by clicking in the first cell of the column you want to set the width and then right click.

  1. Right click Cell.
  2. Click "Cell Properties" as shown in the diagram:

On the Cell Properties pop-up you can then specifically use the percentage option to control the proportion of that cell compared to the others. In this example below we have set the first column to 10 percent:

which immediately forces the other two columns to evenly share the remaining space in this 3 column example:


Adding a Horizontal Scroll Bar to your Tables

1. Around your table you will need to add a DIV tag. Easiest way to do this it to click on the Source button in the editor.SiteApex Editor Source View

2. Before your table enter and immediately after your closing table a closing DIV.

Finally enter these styles into your table: style="min-width:500px;width:100%;"

This should produce a scroll effect on only your table. This will allow site visitors access to the whole table without it cutting off the page on a smaller screen.