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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Managing Calendar Events From A Calendar Page

One advantage of our flexible security system is that you can enable other users exclusive access to edit the calendar events right on the calendar itself. SiteApex allows you to assign a specific group of users the ability to add and edit calendar events without accessing your main site administration area. You can even let your website visitors submit their own events and allow you to manage those events before they display on your calendar.

How to enable front end Calendar Event Management

  1. Click on your SiteMap and edit the Section, Category or Page your calendar is on.
  2. On the Edit screen click the Module tab (grey).
  3. Calendar Enable Front end Event EditingLook for and turn on Enable Front-End Admin.

    Optionally, If a specific security group is to have access to manage events, select the security groups required in the Front-End Admin Secure Groups drop down field. Any user under those groups are given the ability to log in on the calendar page and manage events. See the bottom of article for assistance on making groups and users.

    On top of this, turn on Enable Front-End Public Event to allow your website visitors access to submit events for your calendar. These are submitted but require review before they will display. See below on managing submitted events
  4. Save Changes on the Page and publish your website.

Calendar Page Display

Calendar Front end Submit Manage EventsCalendar Front end Public Submit Event

Managing Submitted Events

If you have enabled the Front-end admin to allow your users or visitors to submit events. They are submitted but require review by the main administrators of the website. This is to prevent spam or inappropriate events from filling your calendar.

  1. Head to the Modules area of the Admin and make sure you are in the Calendar Manager module by clicking on the module name in the left menu.
  2. Calendar Module List Unapproved EventsClick on List Unapproved Events to view all events that have been submitted and are awaiting approval.
  3. Review submitted events. You are provided the ability to view the event, edit the event, approve the event and delete the event. Proceed as you wish. If you have approved an event it will now display on your calendar.

Creating a User and Group

  1. If you need to add a new user or create a new group head to Control Panel > Security > Add Security Group.
  2. Name the group "Calendar Admin" or an appropriate name. At the bottom, check off any existing users you wish to provide front end calendar editing. Click Submit.
  3. If you need to create a new user. In Security click the Add User user button. Set a username and password for a new person you want to log in. Fill out any other appropriate information like First and Last name and Email. At the bottom check off the "Calendar Admin" group to add this person to the calendar editing group. Click Submit.