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Embedding Google Maps

You can easily embed a map onto your website using Google Maps and our editor. 

  1. Head to Google Maps and search for the location you want to display on your website.
  2. Click the Share option and choose Embed HTML. Copy the HTML embed code provided, ignore the size. The SiteApex publisher will add responsive code to your map to ensure it displays correctly on various screen sizes. (Google Support for this here)
  3. Log in to your SiteApex Admin and Edit the page you want to add your map too.
  4. Click the cursor where you want the map located in your content and then click on the Google Map Pin Icon.Google Maps Embed Editor Icon
  5. The Google Maps embed field will open. Paste your HTML embed code in this box and click the "Insert" button.SiteApex Editor Google Maps Embed
  6. Save and Publish your website.

    Note: iframes will not display it's contents in the editor while editing. It will show a box representing the size with the words IFRAME.
    SiteApex Editor Google Maps iFrame