SiteApex Administration Help & Tutorials

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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Introduction and Explanation of Modules

We offer a variety of useful tools called modules to enhance your website. Some Module examples are the Blog module to post regular content to a blog, Formbuilder module used to collect sales leads or setup a contact page and the Calendar module to display events. Some modules like the Formbuilder and Calendar can integrate together to create a signup form on an event.

Module Definition

A module is a pre-programmed package of code that can be add onto a webpage using our SiteApex Administration Tool. Modules have a unique design to enhance the purposes of the module. Example, the Blog module is design to display multiple posts on a page with a menu on the right to allow your visitors to view previous months posts. Some modules like the Shopping Cart are priced separately.

Using a Module

Most modules will require that you first set them up before a pages can access their features. As an example, you must first create a photo album in the Photo Album module and then you can create a webpage for your album. Some modules like the Forms module have many different uses which can not all be explored in this manual. As a result we focus on the Controls and Options of each module and will let you discover how to put them to use for your specific needs. We do, however, offer training for some specific uses such as Registration Forms.

Active Option

Since some items are immediately visible to your visitors without the need to publish (compile) the website, we have given you the option of activating or deactivating the item while creating it. These include items such as photos and calendar events.

Available Modules

We are updating and adding new modules all the time. In your SiteApex Admin click on the "Modules" button in the top menu to view modules available to you. Visit our SiteApex website to view the latest additions and enhancements. Contact your sales rep if you are interested in using additional modules.

How to Add a Module to a Page