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Note: there are a few non-default modules listed here. Please contact sales if you are interested in any of these modules.


Adding Folders & Files to a Library

Unlike most other SiteApex modules, the Media & Resource Library allows you to manage folders and files right on your website.

Navigate to your live Library page and login.

You are now in the main, top level folder for your library. You can edit this folder, add sub-folders, or add files.

Editing/Adding Folders

When clicking on the "Edit Folder" or "Add Folder" buttons, you have the following options:

Folder Name: This is the name displayed for the folder

Folder Layout: You can choose how the files in this folder will display by choosing a layout from this drop down. Note: the layout is set per folder, so you can have different layouts in each folder.

Folder Theme: Choose a colour theme from this drop down. Note: the theme is set per folder, so you can have different themes in each folder.

Folder Image: If you would like to customize your library further, you can upload a folder image.

Custom Field 1 and 2: To help you better organize your files, you have the option of adding custom labels. These labels will appear for the files in this folder only and could be set to something like "author", "location", "album", etc.

Folder Default Sort: This determines how your files are sorted by default when someone visits your page.

Press [submit] to save your settings and return to the library.

See a more detailed tutorial on Editing Folders here.

Adding/Editing Files

When adding or editing a file, you have the following options:

Title: This is the name of your file.

Description: You can write a description about your file, if you would like.

File: Use the [browse] button to find a file on your computer to upload.

Optional Thumbnail: Some layouts use thumbnail images in the video player for non-video files.

Optional/Additional File 1 & 2: You have the option of uploading up to two related files. This could be used for a video transcript, for example. You will need to give the file a "label" or name, and [browse] to find the file on your computer.

Press [submit] to upload your file or save your edits and return to the library.

See a more detailed tutorial on Editing file here.

Supported File Formats

Preferred Formats

mp3 (cbr & vbr, common bit rates)
mp4 (h.264)

Other Supported Formats


Note: The preferred formats are web-optimized. The other supported formats are not all optimized for modern web usage, and in some cases require optional software installs or browser plugins. As well, the codac used for other formats may not be supported... in other words, the avi format is supported but not every avi will stream to every site user.