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Enabling Audio Podcasting

To enable podcasting from the media & resource library follow these instructions:
1. Log into your SiteApex Admin and go to Modules.
2. Click on Media & Resource Library.
3. Click edit on your library.
4. Set Podcast to "Yes".
5. Provide a "Podcast Description" and a "Podcast Title Link" if desired. The link can simply be a URL back to your website.
6. Set the correct time zone for your podcast.
7. Click Submit.
Once you have turned on podcasting when someone visits your library they will see a logo on the top right beside the login. If you hover over that link it says "Subscribe to podcast". When someone clicks on that link it provides them with the Podcast link. They can then use software such as iTunes or any other podcasting software or tool to subscribe and listen to the audio. Although the user has the choice of what podcasting software they would like to use to subscribe.

Submitting to iTunes

You can try and submit your Podcast to iTunes own public library. Please complete the following items to ensure the best experience when adding your podcast.

  • You will need to upload 1 new item to the Media library before submitting it to iTunes. This is to force the Podcast XML code to update with the new features. Once you have added a new item go ahead and and try and submit it to iTunes.
  • Podcasts only allow for 1 image thumbnail basically an "album cover" if you will for your Podcast. Upload this into the Root folder (Main) of the library. It should be a square and at least 1400 X 1400 (iTunes requirement not ours).
  • iTunes Author field. You can add an author by using the custom field option in your folders (Edit a folder to add this). Make sure to use the "Custom Folder 1" field. This will go into the XML podcast code as the author. Each item can therefore have a different author.