SiteApex Changelog

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Change Log Version 5.2.7

February 14, 2012
  • Listings
    • Update to module to comply with SiteApex 5.0.10 standards.

  • Media Library
    • Update to the "Download Once” feature for files on a non-secure page.

  • Mini News Plugin
    • Update to resolve display issue on older custom plug-in templates.
    • Update to support title display when multiple plug-ins exist on the same page.

  • Shopping Cart
    • Added check to eliminate ability to "Update Quantity” in excess of available inventory.
    • Updated the default sorting on Manage Orders to be by Order Number descending.
    • Update to improve display in the Manage Orders area.
    • Updated the invoice display to show product specific coupon discounts properly.

  • SiteApex Core
    • Update to "Publish” function to eliminate warning messages on some sites.

  • Site Search
    • Update to the search engine to verify live page existence before including it in the search results.