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Change Log Version 5.3.4

February 29, 2012
  • Ad Rotator
    • Enabled on all sites!
    • Created new Ad Rotator page type. Note: If you have requirements not met by the page type please contact your designer about switching to use the plugin instead.
  • BLOG
    • Upgrade to further improve RSS feed standards compliance.
  • Calendar
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the "View Responses" option to not display for some calendar registration events.
    • Updated response filtering to make it easier to list responses within limited time frames.
    • Changed pre-registration to display signup forms the number of days, and optionally use a registration start time on the first day of registration.
    • Upgrade to support multiple languages.
    • Upgraded calendar display to cap monthly navigation at several years ahead of time to prevent search engines from endlessly crawling calendar pages causing high server load.
  • News Manager
    • Update to feature photo upload function to comply with newer server standards.
  • Photo Album
    • Update to resolve an issue when the photo album and ad rotator existed on the same page causing the modal popups to not work.