SiteApex Changelog

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Change Log Version 5.4.4 March 15, 2012
  • Calendar
    • Update to clean up some minor PHP errors from displaying on registration events when viewed in a popup.
  • News Manager
    • Update to ensure featured article photo folder exists on all sites.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to resolve an editor display issue in IE9.
  • Site Map Module
    • Added drop down for selecting number of display columns in module admin.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Added new report to list ordered items by vendor to simplify the reordering process.
    • Fixed an administration issue where download status would not always update for very large files.
    • Updated the admin invoice display to look exactly as the customer would see them.
    • Updated product search in Shopping Cart admin to support partial matching of criteria to product name and number, and display a list of matches.
    • Updated product search in public store to break search results into manageable page sizes.
    • Limited "Browse All" searches to 3000 products in order to prevent unresponsive pages.
  • Template Manager
    • Update to hide the backups folder from the template drop down when editing pages as well as the template list in the Template Manager.