SiteApex Changelog

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Change Log Version 5.5.10
  • Blog
    • Fixed a minor style issue that occasionally caused the "View All" button to appear incorrectly.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Made several layout changes to the Major Employers/Military Base report to improve the display of information.
    • Fixed a discrepancy between the left and right Railroads columns in the Market Access report.
    • Replaced some hard coded transportation widths with percentages to improve the flow of wider content.
    • Added missing units of measurement to Port depths.
    • Updated the Utilities and Labour Force Development reports to shorten long display urls to display the domain only. This solves some issues where domains were wrapping or causing layout problems. Note that the actual link continues to work as before.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to ensure the Group Join Date sets properly when processing new registrations.
    • New Update Form Responses plugin.
    • Fixed issue where captcha images would not display on secure pages.
    • Added strongly encrypted form field support to FormBuilder using a stored cipher.
  • Lead Manager
    • Compatibility update to meet newer server standards.
  • Listings
    • Update to add some missing javascript required for numeric extension validation.
    • Update to resolve general extension display issues.
  • Questionnaire
    • Updated admin emails to display questionnaire responses properly.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Upgrade to prevent creation of duplicate pages when two people edit the same page at the same time.
    • New confirmation screen to notify you when someone makes changes to the current page you are working on.
    • Update to ensure page edits always pull up the proper record.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Updated the internal links feature to work properly when the editor is used on a front end page.
  • Staff List
    • Update to make a staff member image optional when adding new staff members.
  • Template Manager
    • Update to add a missing image on the Choose Your Plugin screen.